6. Raise an invoice and receive funds

In the AlSuite Setup Manual, we walked through the process of creating a project, a client, a project-specific chart of account and a budget. We should now be able to raise an invoice against a specific project, receive funds agains the invoice raised and begin executing activities.

AlSuite supports multi-currency. In AlSuite, the project currency is the currency under which the project is contracted, e.g. EUR, USD or GBP. The base currency is the currency in which AlSuite is configured.

Note: You are not able to run bookings against a project that has not received funds. In this section we explain the invoicing process in AlSuite.

6.1 Raise an invoice
In order to raise an invoice, go the the Account unit --> Navi-Bar 2 --> Invoice --> click on Create. You will be presented with a list of projects. Select the project against which you would like to raise an invoice. You will be redirected to the invoice windows shown in Figure 1 below:
Figure 1: AlSuite invoice window

At the top section of the invoice window you will be requested to specify the client, the date of invoice, the due date and any terms and notes related to the invoice. In the lower section, add the item, the income account, unit price, and quantity of the invoice. The total is calculated automatically.  You can add as many items as you would like to.

Note: Products and services are sometimes defined with a unit price. This unit price can be overridden at the time of creating an invoice.

After populating the invoice with all required figures, click on Save to save. When you save an invoice, it is saved in status "Open", implying that no bookings or postings to the different accounts have been made as yet. In order to book the invoice, you need to file it.

6.2 File an invoice
After saving an invoice, you will have to file it, before it can be processes through the books of account.
In order to file an invoice, following on from section 6.1 above, go to the tab Invoice, click on Show. You will be presented with a list of invoices in the left bar, displayed with their respective status, i.e. Open, Filed or Paid. Select the invoice you created, which is now in status "Open" and click on "File" to run bookings against it, as shown in Figure 2 below:
Figure 2: Invoice windows - selecting an invoice to be filed

In Fig 2 above, the left panel has three invoices; the first in status "Open", which is currently active in the right panel, the second in status "Filed" and the last in status "Paid". Click on the button "File" to run bookings against an invoice in status "Open".

6.3 Receive payment
In order to receive payment, to the unit Accounts --> Navi-Bar 2 --> Invoices --> Show. Select the invoice of choice. Go to the section "Payments" of that invoice displayed in the right panel and click on the button "Add payment". You will be presented with the window for processing receipt of payment, shown in Fig. 3 below:

Figure 3: Receive payment against an invoice

The window for receiving payment is presented in Fig 3 above. In order to receive payment, you will be expected to specify the account to which funds are being paid, the amount, method of payment and date of payment. Other pertinent information includes the reference number and notes.

Depending on the account to which you received funds, you might have to run an inter account transfer from the project currency account to the base currency account that you use for project execution.

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