3. Create a company in AlSuite

The architectural design of AlSuite enables companies to create an account and take control of the application for their environment. After creating a company, you can now configure units, users, account settings and projects, then you begin using the application.

In order to create your company in AlSuite, the following information will be required:

·        Name of the company
·        Country
·        Email account
·        Phone number (optional)

The country data is important for default settings in AlSuite, e.g. time zone. 

In order to create a company account, go to the official website www.alsuite.com and follow the link for registering a new company.

  • The email address used for creating the organization in AlSuite is important, as it is the “super user” email address of the company. What we recommend is for organizations to create a dedicated email to hold the AlSuite company account. The password to this particular email address is then managed by the Directors of the company. Further “super user” accounts can be created and handed over to system administration; however, the first should be under the total control of the subscribing organization.
  • Users do not create an AlSuite account. Companies or organizations going to use the application create a company account, then they create user accounts within the respective company profile by sending specific users invitations to their respective email addresses.

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