5. The Expert´s Dashboard

All experts can only join AlSuite by invitation, i.e. when an organization invites you to join AlSuite.
In order to join AlSuite you will receive an invitation letter sent to you by email. The email redirects you to an account creation window where you will be required to accept terms and conditions and then you can create an account in AlSuite.
Assuming you have gone through the login in process, you are able to access AlSuite at app.alsuite.com.
Login with your email and password that you gave at account creation.

Note: In order to learn more about the AlSuite dashboard, navigation bar and key features we recommend that you get conversant with the dashboard layout here.

Upon login, you will be directed to the default dashboard as show in the image below. Currently you will not see much content in the expert´s dashboard, as this is still being designed. The main feature that you will be able to manage is your CV.
Expert´s dashboard

5.1 Manage CV
To manage your CV, go to NaviBar 2 and click on "Manage CV". You will be redirected to a window as shown in the image below:
Section of managing the expert´s CV

5.1.1 Edit expert bio data
Expert bio data consists of the gender, first name, last name, date of birth, nationality, civil status, and academic title (optional).

In order to edit expert bio data, click on the button "Edit Bio Data" at the top left.
You will be directed to the form field for editing expert bio data shown in the image below. Make the necessary changes and click on "Save" or "Cancel" to abandon any changes made.
Edit expert bio data in the expert´s dashboard

Note: In AlSuite all form fields highlighted red with an asterisk are compulsory, as is the case with gender, first names, family names etc. above. All form fields that are normal (black) are optional, as is the case with "Academic Title" in the above image.

5.1.2 Edit contact data
Expert contact data consists of phone number, address, email, Skype and country of residence. Apart from the country of residence, all the other fields are optional.

In order to edit expert contact data, click on the button "Edit Contact Data" at the top left.
You will be directed to the form field for editing expert contact data shown in the image below. Make the necessary changes and click on "Save" or "Cancel" to abandon any changes made.
Edit expert contact data from the expert´s dashboard

Enter the necessary contact data and click on "Save". If you "Cancel" no changes will be made and you will be redirected to the detailed CV section of the expert.

5.1.3 Edit CV Basic Information
Basis CV information includes education, publications, training, memberships, certifications, languages, key qualifications and skills.

In order to edit expert contact data, go to the section "Basic Information" as shown in the image below:

Edit Basic Information in expert CV

For each section of a CV, e.g. "Education" as shown above, you are able to "Add" a section or "Add Multiple" sections using the buttons right below the section, e.g. sections "Education" and "Publications" in this case. At the extreme right, you are also able to "Edit" or "Delete" existing content.

Note: Expert data in the organization space belongs to the organization. Any information edited or deleted in the organization space is not reflected in the expert space and vice-versa. This is explained in more detail in later sections of this page.

5.1.4 Edit CV Professional Experience
Professional experience data in the CV includes the different assignments the expert has undertaken in his career, i.e. project, project period, position held, expertise, location, reference, main tasks executed / accomplished, contractor and client.
In order to edit "Professional Experience" information go to the section "Professional Experience" as shown in the image below:
Section for editing profession experience information of an expert CV

You are able to "Add" or "Add Multiple" professional experience information. For existing information, you are able to "Edit" or "Delete" from the CV.

3.2.6 Attach files to a CV
AlSuite enables you to upload attachments against each CV profile as shown in the image below.
Attachments uploaded against a CV profile

In the above image under "Attachments" there is a file described as "Testing upload and download functionality". You can upload as many attachments as necessary. While an organization is able to delete attachments loaded against a CV in organization space, they can only view and download attachments loaded in expert space.

3.3.7 Export CV to different formats
AlSuite enables you to expert CVs present in the platform to different formats, currently EU, World Bank, GIZ, and KfW.
In order to expert a CV, go to the page for editing detailed expert data - see steps documented in section 3.2 Manage expert CV -> click on "Export CV" as shown in the image bleow. Select the format of choice and begin the export process.

Activating the export CV feature of AlSuite

Note: Before fully exporting the CV, you may be requested to select further pertinent information, i.e. work undertaken that demonstrates the capabilities of the expert as shown in the image below:
When you initiate the export process, you are asked to select relevant undertakings before final export of CV

After selecting relevant tasks undertaken that show capabilities of the expert, click on the link "Export" and save your CV in .doc format at a given destination on your PC.

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