4. Manage project settings

4. Project settings defined
Project settings are the different options necessary for running a project in AlSuite central (ACE). You are currently able to manage CV settings and expert invitation template in ACE. Later on you will be introduced to further project settings after the application is fully developed.

In order to manage project settings, log into the application and go to unit "Project settings". In case you do not know how to browse around ACE, we recommend that you first get conversant with the layout of ACE dashboard and the different navigation features.

4.1 Manage CV settings
Extra CV settings contains CV-related information that is relevant for an organization maintaining a copy of an experts CV. Organization have their own key clients and appointment types for instance, and they would like to track the engagement of an expert with these key clients and the kind of positions they held, e.g. free lance consultant, long term expert, full employment etc. This information helps organizations track the engagement history with any expert and enables advanced search.

Assuming you are already in unit Project Settings, go to NaviBar 2 and click on "CV Settings". You will be redirected to the window displayed in the graphic below. From there you are able to manage basic CV settings and areas of expertise.
Section for managing CV settings

4.1.1 Manage basic CV settings
In order to manage basic CV settings, click on the section "Basic" as show in the above image. Basic information includes key clients of the organization and appointment types. By clicking on the button "Add" under each sub-section you are able to add as many options as possible.
In the above graphic, we see six Key Clients: EPOS, FOWODE, Meritoria Limited, Mifumi Limited, and SionaPros. Furthermore, we see four Appointment Types: freelance consultant, full time employment, long term expert, and short term expert.

4.1.2 Manage areas of expertise
Areas of expertise is also maintained by the organization and they are extremely useful in search filters, for narrowing down expert search. Generally areas of expertise are organized in group. Under each group, you are then able to enter different areas of expertise.
In order to access the section Areas of Expertise, go to the unit Project Settings and click on the section Areas of Expertise as show in the image below:
Areas of expertise used for narrowing down expert search

In the above image, we see different groups, i.e. Accounts, Database Design, Health Economics, etc. The group Health Information Systems has three areas of expertise under it, i.e. Application developer, ICT infrastructure expert, and Systems integrator.

For each group you can "Edit" or "Manage Expertise in Group" Edit group
When you click on Edit Group for any group you are directed to a window similar to the one below:
Edit Group in Areas of Expertise

In the above image, we have opened the Edit Group window to edit the group Accounts. We can rename the group or change it status to either Active or Inactive. Manage Expertise in Group
You are able to add as many expertise as possible in a group. In order to do this, under the group of interest, go to "Edit Expertise in Group". You will be redirected to a window similar to the one below:

Manage Expertise under Group in the section Areas of Expertise

In the above image, we are in the window for entering expertise for the group "Accounts". We can many expertise entries once by clicking on the button "Line". All new expertise entries are by default in status "Active"; however, you can if necessary change the status to "Inactive".
After adding all the areas of expertise for a given group, click on "Save" or "Cancel" to abandon changes.

4.2 Manage Expert Invitation Template
The invitation template is the standard message that will be sent to an expert upon first invitation to join an organization in AlSuite.
In order to manage the invitation template, go to the unit "Project Settings" and in NaviBar 2 click on the "Expert Invitation Template". You will be redirected to the window as shown in the image below:
Manage expert invitation template, i.e. the default message sent to invite experts to join AlSuite

In order to edit the template, click on the button "Edit Template" and make the necessary changes, then click on Save or click on Cancel to abandon changes. When editing the template, ensure to retain the placeholders %name% and %url% in the template, irrespective of where these are placed.
  • %name% placeholder automatically populates the template with the names of the expert invited.
  • %url% placeholder automatically carries forward the link to AlSuite that will enable the expert sign into AlSuite.

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