2. Layout of the AlSuite dashboard

Key features and navigation bars
The key features and navigation button of the AlSuite application can be seen in the image below:
Key navigation features and buttons of the AlSuite application

Let´s describe some of these features now, from the left to the right:
  • NaviBar 1: The blue top bar is referred to as "NaviBar 1". It has the logo, the display of the unit and organization you are working in, the main navigation button "Hello..." and the yellow help button. NaviBar 1 is static, does not change as you browse the application.
  • Navi Bar 2: The second bar referred to as "Navi Bar 2" displaying Dashboard and Experts in the image above. This navigation bar is dynamic, i.e. it changes depending on which unit and which part of the application you are in.
  • Navi Bar 3: The third bar is referred to as "Navi Bar 3" displaying two links: Invitations, Manage CVs, and Search for Experts in the image above. The buttons displayed in NaviBar 3 depend on the button active in Navi Bar 2.
  • Organization and unit display: Further right you can see the active unit and organization displayed: "You are working under Project Management in AlSuite Central Test". The unit in this case is "Project Management" in the organization "AlSuite Central Test".
  • Main navigation button - Hello: At the top right corner is the main navigation button which displays as "Hello Your name", in this case "Hello Simon". This is the most critical navigation button in AlSuite. We shall delve into its functionalities in the later section of this page.
  • The yellow button "Help": The yellow button "Help" holds a drop down menu to links for user seeking help. This will also be explored in later section of this page.
  • Display section: Below Navi Bar 3 is the rest of the page displaying different content as you navigate. Within the display section are also pertinent links.
Let´s now delve a little more into the different sections of the application to help you get a feel of how to navigate around.

My Dashboard
When you log into AlSuite for the first time, you are by default directed to a personal space called "My Dashboard". Currently "My Dashboard" looks like the figure below:

My Dashboard - your personal space in the AlSuite environment

In the section "My Dashboard" we see the following:
  • My Gantt Chart: All activities planned in AlSuite and assigned to you will appear here in the form of a Gantt chart.
  • My Tasks: Any tasks assigned to you will appear in this section. You can also create new task by clicking on the button "Create".
  • My Alerts, Reminders: Any critical information in the form of alerts and reminders for your attention will appear here. Alerts include e.g. activity plans, requisitions, and field reports pending your approval, accountability for funds due for filing etc.
  • Hello, Simon: This is the main navigation button in AlSuite. We shall elaborate on this in the next section.
  • Organization and Unit display: Below the button "Hello Simon" we a display of the organization in which you are currently working "You are in the organization AlSuite Central". If a unit is selected, the unit is also displayed, e.g. "You are working under Project Management in AlSuite Central"
  • Help: This yellow button at the top right corner drops down to navigation buttons with links you can use to access help, i.e. manuals, ask a question, and rate AlSuite.

The navigation button "Hello Your name":
The most important navigation button is the button at the top right corner, currently displaying "Hello, Simon", where "Simon" is the name of the user logged in. When clicked, this button drops down a list of functionalities, as shown in the figure below:

Drop down navigation links from the main navigation button "Hello Simon"

The main navigation button, which I will refer to as "Hello" from now on, has the follow key links:
  • My Profile, which leads you to your profile section where you can manage your personal information, including settings.
  • My Dashboard, which returns you back to your default dashboard.
  • Switch Unit, which enables you to switch from one unit to another.
  • Switch Organization, which enables you to switch from one organization to another.
  • Sign Out, which enables you to sign out of the application.
Note: From "My Profile" section, you are able to configure the system to land in a specific unit dashboard other than "My Dashboard" whenever you login. This is important, because as a user it might be that there is a particular unit that you use most, and would therefore prefer to be automatically directed there upon login.

Let´s look at where the navigation bars under "Hello" will generally lead you. We already described the different section of My Dashboard.

My Profile
In order to get to My Profile, go to "Hello" and click on "My Profile" in the drop down menu. You will be redirected to My Profile, which looks like the image below:
My Profile section of AlSuite

Under My Profile you are able to update your demographic information, and also set "My Favorites", e.g. set a favorite unit to be loaded whenever you log into the application.

Switch Unit
In order to change from one unit to another go to Hello and click on Switch Unit in the drop down menu. You will be directed to a new page with all units assigned to you display, as shown in the image below. Click on the preferred unit and you will be redirected there.
A display of units you have been assigned in AlSuite

In the above image, user "Simon" has access to three units, i.e. Project Management, Project Settings, and SysAdmin.

Note: If you are not seeing any particular unit, it is because you do not have access to it. We would advise that you contact the system administrator to request for accesss.

Switch organization
In order to switch from one organization to another, go to Hello and click on Switch Organization in the drop down menu. The list of organizations you have access to will be displayed as in the image below. Select the organization of choice and you will be redirected there.

A display of the organizations to which you have access in AlSuite
In the image above, the use Simon has access to the organizations AlSuite Central Test and Amigo Life QA.

Using the help features of AlSuite
In order to access the different help features, click on the yellow button "Help". You will access the different drop down menus as shown below:
Drop down menu of the Help button

The Help button enables you to: access the setup manual, access the user manual, ask a question and rate AlSuite.

Note: The manuals and ask a question in the application point to community.alsuite.com. We encourage you to use the AlSuite Community Platform to learn from and share with other users.

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