1. About AlSuite

1.1 A brief introduction to AlSuite
AlSuite is a comprehensive platform for managing development projects from the time when a decision is made to respond to a request for expression of interest (EoI) until the project is wrapped up.
It provides subscribing organizations in the international development consulting market an exclusive space for the management of development projects they are implementing in a comprehensive, affordable, reliable, and efficient manner.
AlSuite comes in two instances, i.e. AlSuite Central (ACE) and AlSuite Frontline (AFL) as shown in the figure below:
AlSuite Central (ACE) and AlSuite Front Line instances

AlSuite Central (ACE) is used for the management and controlling of projects by the back-office team. Key components in it include management of the tendering process, management of experts (recruitment, expert search, contracting, timesheets, invoices), management of communication with partners, quality assurance of tendering and project management processes, consolidated performance monitoring, consolidated finance and finance and accounts, and consolidated project controlling and analytics. 

AlSuite Frontline (AF) is seamlessly linked to AlSuite Central and is used for managing projects at the frontline. It´s a neat linkage of accounts, monitoring and evaluation, project execution, and robust reporting all in one suite. The back-office team using ACE can get an Eagle´s view of all projects implemented using AFL. 

ACE and AFL can be used independent of one another and they each have their unique features and advantages that enable productive use in stand-alone mode. However, the greatest value to organizations implementing projects globally is derived from using both instances simultaneously. This constellation will be presented later in this document.

*Note: While AlSuite Frontline (AFL) is fully developed and in use by organizations, AlSuite Central (ACE) is currently undergoing phased development.

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