Getting started with your first project

1. What AlSuite onboarding is and is not
These onboarding steps are designed to bring you up to speed running AlSuite with your first project. It follows the critical path to getting you started with your first project. In the process you will get acquainted with most of the features of AlSuite.

We have intentionally kept this manual as a stand alone, pointing to sections of the application you need to access in order to configure it; because in so doing, you will get acquainted with the application.

However, this quick start manual is not exhaustive. For a more detailed documentation of all AlSuite features we recommend the manuals present at

How this manual is arranged
  • We first present the AlSuite interface, explaining the navigation bars and how they behave.
  • Then we walk you through the steps involved in executing an activity. At this stage you should begin thinking of who will do what in your environment.
  • Then we briefly present the different types of units and their features.
  • Then we finally we walk you through the configuration of your first project in AlSuite.
2. How AlSuite onboarding works
Take time in the onboarding process.
If you master it well, by the time you are through, you will have a relatively good understanding of how AlSuite works.
The initial setup can be quite time consuming, but subsequent setups will go much fasters.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you configure onboarding steps in a chronological manner as documented in these onboarding steps, because some subsequent steps rely on configuration data of previous steps.
3. AlSuite dashboard
The image below presents the Accounts unit of AlSuite, which we would like to use for briefly explaining the AlSuite dashboard.
AlSuite navigation bars

Following are the typical features:
  • Top right corner: Person who has logged in, in this case “Simon”, My Profile and the “Sign out” button.
  • Second line has the unit and organization under which you are working; help files and the link for switching from one organization to another.
  • The we have three navigation bars:
    • NaviBar 1 with the buttons Operations, Reporting and My Dashboard. The button “Operations” is used for accessing different units.
    • NaviBar 2 with buttons dependent on the unit type chosen and the NaviBar 1 button selected.
    • NaviBar 3 with buttons or form fields dependent on NaviBar 2 button selected.
  • Left bar: Some time we have links in the left bar, which when clicked upon loads content into the middle section of AlSuite.
Those are the most critical navigation panels of AlSuite that you need to know at this stage.

4. AlSuite main units and their features
AlSuite has six unit-types briefly presented in the table below:

AlSuite unit types

5. Before you get started configuring AlSuite

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