4. Overview of the AlSuite dashboard

In Fig 1 below we present an overview of the AlSuite dashboard, to which we shall refer throughout this manual. It is therefore important to recall the name of the different dashboard sections:
Figure 1: Overview of the AlSuite dashboard

We have introduced four arrows i.e. the TOP BAR, NAVI BAR 1, NAVI BAR 2, NAVI BAR 3 and ALSUITE PANEL than can be seen at the top left corner, pointing to the four most critical sections of the AlSuite dashboard.

Below we highlight the different features of these four critical sections of the application:

  • TOP BAR: Located at the top of the application, the TOP BAR has the following features:
    • AlSuite logo at the left of the top bar
    • Welcome statement to the right, in the case of the graphic above “Hello Simon”
    • My Profile: Button leading to my profile section where a user can edit personal profile and change password
    • Sign in / Sign out button at the top most right corner of the top bar.
    • The name of the organization and the unit under which a user is working at any given time, in this case “You are working under Domestic Violence in SionaPros Demo”. Domestic violence is the unit and SionaPros Demo is the active organization.
  • Navigation bar 1 (NAVI BAR 1): This is the first navigation bar of the application, located right below the TOP BAR. It has the following buttons:
    • Operations button: This is a drop down button granting access to all operational units that have been granted to a user. Units are of different types as shall be explained in later sections of the application. 
    • Reporting button: This is also a drop down button that grants access to the different reports of the organization.
    • Navigation bar 1 is relatively stable and static, i.e. these buttons will always appear, for as long as you have access to them. What changes are the units within them, depending on access granted.
  • Navigation bar 2 (NAVI BAR 2): The second navigation bar, i.e. NAVI BAR 2, has a set of buttons that are loaded depending on the active button in NAVI BAR 1. The buttons in the second navigation bar are pretty much dependent on the unit type, i.e. Sys Admin, Accounts, Approvals, Data Sets, Operations or Reporting. You will learn more about these different unit types later. In Figure 1 above, the active unit is of unit type “Operations”, so we have the Dashboard, Settings, Work Plans and a Search button in Navi-Bar-2. In other units, a totally different set of buttons would be loaded in this navigation bar.
  • Navigation bar 3 (NAVI BAR 3): The third navigation bar, i.e. NAVI BAR 3, also depends entirely on buttons selected in the second navigation bar, i.e. NAVI BAR 2. In Figure 1 above, we are presented with the option to select a work plan. In the middle section, the name of the selected work plan is displayed and at the end of it, there is another button to use for managing the selected work plan.
  • ALSUITE PANEL: The AlSuite Panel is the detailed section of the application. Every unit type has a default dashboard. Beyond the dashboard, panel content is fully dependent on active buttons at any given point in time as we navigate through and use the application. 

Throughout this manual, we shall refer to the four sections cited as Top-Bar, Navi-Bar-1, Navi-Bar-2, Navi-Bar-3 and AlSuite Panel or the Unit Panel or simply the Panel. It is therefore critical that you get acquainted to these four critical sections of the application.

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