1. Audience of the Administrator´s manual

AlSuite makes project management transparent, efficient and easy.

This manual targets AlSuite System Administrators, i.e. persons involved in configuring AlSuite to get it up and running for the organization.

The System Administrators, are not just the typical “techies” who demystify technology with their rigorous IT skills! The effort of configuring AlSuite requires team work and we recommend a team setup of IT staff, M&E staff, Project Managers and Accounts to be involved on the set up process. We also encourage ownership of the application be Management as shall be explained in greater detail later on.

Management: Management should create the company using an email address that is owned by the organization. The unique email address used for creating an AlSuite instance for an organization belongs to the super user (user with overall rights) and should therefore be owned by the organization creating the instance.

IT Administrators: IT Administrators will mainly be involved with the invitation of users, configuration of users (assigning units, assigning roles, resetting passwords), the configuration of user roles and the continuous maintenance of the application. 

Accountants: Financial accounts will contribute to the configuration of account settings, including Chart of Account, Clients, Budgets and Projects in preparation for take off.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officers and Project Managers: The M&E officers and Project Managers will be expected to prepare initial projects and their respective log frames with outcomes, outputs, indicators and milestones under the M&E Data Set Unit and also create the work plan with respective targets under the respective Operations units. These would have to be plugged into the application before execution can begin.

Therefore, organizations should have a core team responsible for the management of AlSuite; and this team constitutes Support Level I. It is this team that is called upon to solve challenges of staff in the organization. Where this fails, they can seek answers from http://community.alsuite.com or eventually contact the AlSuite Team directly. 

Single Point of Contact (SPOC): Despite the team effort, it would still be helpful to have a SPOC who liaises directly with the AlSuite Team in case of emergencies. 

However, we generally encourage all AlSuite users to seek answers, raise issues and make recommendations and suggestions for continuous improvement by actively participating in the AlSuite Community at http://community.alsuite.com

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