9. Mark activity as executed and file accountability

9.1       Mark activity as executed
In the previous section we looked at the process of raising an activity plan, getting it approved and releasing funds for activity execution. Once an activity has been executed, the staff carrying out the activity will be expected to mark the activity as executed. This is done within the respective Operations units.

In order to mark an activity as executed, go the respective Operations unit and navigate to the detailed activity plan section in the right panel. The button "Mark as Executed" shown in Fig 1 below is used for marking the activity as done.
Figure 1: Mark activity as executed

Once an activity is marked as executed, two events are triggers:
  • Accountability: A request for accountability appears in the Alerts and Reminders tray of the staff who raised the activity plan. The responsible staff is supposed to file in accountability at this stage.
  • Field report: If a field report was requested, the responsible staff will also see this in their tray of Alerts and Reminders. Furthermore, the Activity Plan Stand section in Operations unit will have an entry for the field report request under the link "Field Reports Required".
This panel setting can be seen in Fig 2 below:
Figure 2: Accountability not yet filed and field reports expected

In Fig 2 above, accountability worth 580,000 stemming from two requisition lines has not yet been filed; and one field report is required.

9.2 File field report
In order to file a field report, navigate to the detailed section of an activity plan and go to the tab "Field Report" as shown in Fig 3 below:
Figure 3: Filing field report for an activity plan

Click on "Edit", document the field report and then click on "Mark As Filed".

When a field report is marked as filed, the person responsible for approving it will see it on their tray. After reading through it, they are able to approve it.

The approval of a field report is the final state in an activity execution chain; except accountability for funds released needs to be filed.

9.3       File accountability for funds
Accountability for funds released is filed through the Accounts unit.
In order to file accountability for funds released, go to unit Account --> click on "Queue" under Navi-Bar 2 --> and click on "Acc Not Yet Filed" as shown in Fig 4 below:

Figure 4: Accessing the list of accountability not yet filed

Select the activity plan for which you would like to file accountability and in the detailed section in the right panel, under the tab "Budget", click on "Accountability Status" - see Fig 5 below:
Figure 5: Filing accountability in Account unit

For each requisition line, click on "File Acc" in order to file accountability. When you click on "File Acc" you will be presented with the window shown in Fig 6 below, where you are expected to enter accountability details.
Figure 6: Filing accountability details ready for final posting

If at the time of raising an activity plan the booking was captured in a "Receivable account", the system will automatically require that at this point of filing accountability the requisition is expensed. In which case the Expense account would be obligatory. In the case in Fig 6 above, booking was captured in the expense account "Accommodation, per diem", so there is no need to specify an expense account.

9.4       File cash returns
It may so happen that the activity executed costs more than funds released or less for that matter. In which case, upon filing accountability, cash returns become necessary. In AlSuite, we call this situation the "I owe you" or "You owe me" situation, where either the staff who executed the activity owes the organization funds or vice-versa. This is shown in Fig 7 below:
Figure 7: Display in Operations unit of money owed to staff by organization

In Fig 7 under the section "My Alerts, Reminders", the user has not yet account for UGX 60,000. In accountability filed, the organization owes the user UGX 20,000. A field report is expected.

In order to file cash returns go to unit Accounts --> under Navi-Bar 2 click on the tab "Queue" and select "Unsettled Cash Returns" as shown in Fig 8 below:
Figure 8: Filing unsettled cash returns

You will be redirected to the cash returns window. In the left pane select the respective activity plan and in the right panel go to the section "Cash Return Status" as shown in Fig 9 below:
Figure 9: List of unsettled cash returns

In Fig 9 above, much as UGX 520,000 was released, what was actually spent is UGX 540,000, implying the organization owes the staff who executed the activity UGX 20,000. In order to settle cash returns, click on the link "File Returns" and provide required information, then file - see Fig 10 below:

Figure 10: Filing cash returns, paying funds owed to staff

In Fig 10 above, we are required to select the account from which funds will be paid, the date of settlement and settlement status.
This stage marks the end step of managing funds released against an activity.

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